The Art of Exercising and Beyond!™

The euphoria people experience with a GYROKINESIS® class is unlike anything else. Like Qi Gong, the entire body is purified with breath and energetic transfer, but unlike Yoga and Qi Gong, areas of the physical body are stimulated and opened in ways untouchable utilizing other movement techniques.  Some say it feels like "flossing" the body. People experience different levels of euphoria at different times. Your continued commitment to learning the exercises and their energetic intention will pay off even more! The classes and your experience only get better with time.

It feels like you've undulated and released your body with both exercise and massage.  This movement meditation can be quite refreshing and invigorating, resulting in more energy throughout your day.

GYROKINESIS® Classes are machine free, start on the stool, move to the floor and finish standing.

Exercise with specific breaths and release tension; experience spine and joint openings; balance energy centers; build strength, flexibility, and balance; and enjoy breathing elements of Qi Gong. Everything is done in rhythm, which is set either by breathing or by music.

Occasionally, we  start with body brushing / scrubbing to activate the lymph system.

Fridays at 9:10 - 10:30 AM
$20 to drop-in, or $95 for 5 classes
with Lisa Lansing, GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer

To read more about the GYROKINESIS® method, click here.

For today and all the hours of the Gyrokinesis workshop that I had the opportunity of attending, I want to thank you. This was a deeply healing and clarifying experience for me. You are an amazing giver, nurturer, and your generosity of spirit and knowledge always humble me.
— Devorah