GYROTONIC® Practice is the art of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® applied to ingenious machines developed by GYROTONIC® creator, Juliu Horvath.  Students use beautiful, ergonomic machines designed specifically to address the many ways the human body is meant to move in space. With both resistance and support, the machines allow bodies to open, strengthen, balance and enjoy movement.

From injury recovery to sports training:
The system has therapeutic applications for people recovering from life's ailments - shoulder injuries, hip replacements, strokes, breast cancer, surgeries, pregnancy, menopause, aging, low back discomfort, chronic pain, neck and shoulder tension, or those who simply want to feel better and get a balanced workout. Strength, flexibility, mobility, serenity and balance are priorities.

The system is also applicable to athletes, dancers, yogis, golfers, tennis players, and ANY athlete or mover who wants to take their body to the next level.



We suggest you begin with a private or group “LEARN” beginner series for new clients.  From there, enjoy group lessons with 5 or less students, private lessons and duets!

Private instruction is available on all the unique equipment in the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®.

55 minute private appointments range from $65 - $120 depending on your instructor.


We offer group sessions at different levels:  GYROTONIC® 101, 201, 301 and 401 classes, as well as specialized classes for dancers, athletes, men, core and scoliosis. Machine-free GYROKINESIS® classes are available on Fridays at 9am.

GYROTONIC® Shared Classes are $40 or $190 for a package of 5
GYROKINESIS® Classes are $20

Independent sessions

Work out on your own!  Independent sessions allow  you come into the studio and rent a machine for 55 or 85 minutes.  Follow a personalized workout using a card and practice everything you are learning in your private appointments and group classes!

Independents are $25 per session.


GYROKINESIS® Classes are restricted to 6 students.  GYROKINESIS® is the machine-free origin of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® Method.  Rhythmical spinal motions combined with joint articulation are paired to breath and performed on the stool, floor and then standing.  This is a delicious fully body experience.

Classes are $20 and 85 minutes long.
$95 for 5 (8 week expiration)


Our new program just for Dancers is unique to Ohio!  Dancers can learn the GYROTONIC® Method in group ‘dancer only’ classes. Other opportunities include Floor Barre classes or private ballet technique classes.  Enjoy all the offerings we've created to help dancers live their best and longest dance lives.

If you are a professional dancer, ask about our reduced rates!

Side by Side Appointments

Work out with your instructor!  Side by side appointments are for students who either learn better when they see their instructor do the movement OR for students looking to transition from Private Appointments into Independent Appointments (working out alone).  

Side by side appointments are usually between $45 and $65 per 55 minutes.



Lisa Lansing is one of 200 Master Trainers world-wide.  To learn more about the method, read and watch videos on the GYROTONIC® web site here.