Janet is really an excellent teacher!
— Pilates Student Leslie C


From dancer to attorney to massage therapist to Pilates, the continuing journey inspires Janet.   Janet fell in love with dance and movement in grade school ultimately joining Contemporary Dance Theater in Cincinnati.  After a successful career as an attorney, Janet returned to work with the body as a licensed massage therapist specializing in clients with chronic pain due to injury or postural misalignment with a focus on older clients. 

After more than 10 years as a practicing massage therapist Janet is taking her vision to the next level by helping clients (as well as herself!) maintain their postural realignment by building strength and stability.  This desire brought her to Lisa Lansing and Inspiral Motion to study as a Pilates apprentice.  The Pilates certification program has been a journey of self-discovery and Janet has become a true believer that Pilates offers benefits to everyone – regardless of age or physical condition – for rebuilding strength and stability, realigning and maintaining postural integrity and enhancing the mind/body experience.

As a massage therapist and Pilates instructor, Janet has a good working knowledge of anatomy, as well as an intuitive sense of the body’s structural integrity and functional movement.  Janet’s focus is helping her clients rebuild strength and stability, reinforcing good postural habits, maintaining flexibility and, above all, functional movement.  

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