Self-Care for the Holiday Season

Some of us look forward to the winter holiday season all year ‘round. Others, not so much! Either way, it can be quite a challenge to maintain our self-care practices, especially healthy eating and exercise, during this time. Here are a few of our favorite tips that we’ve found to help you take care of yourself. 

Healthy Fats: What's the Deal?

After recently taking an interest in the research and literature of Dr. Mark Hyman, Director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, Lisa decided to sign up for his Eat Fat, Get Thin challenge!  She is learning so much valuable information about living a cleaner lifestyle and especially about the power of healthy fats. Now Inspiral would like to share some of this knowledge with you!


Magnesium has been a hot topic at Inspiral Motion lately! Many staff members and clients have noticed increased wellness after boosting their magnesium intake and are sharing their recommendations. Read on to find out more about magnesium, how it works, and how you can ensure you’re getting enough on a daily basis!

Sleep for Self-Care

When we go to sleep, whether it be our evening sleep or a quick nap during the day, there are several restorative functions that take place within our physical body. These include muscle growth, tissue repair and protein synthesis, which is why it is so important to get enough sleep. This is especially true if you are a physically active person who regularly stresses your muscles through exercise. It is also during sleep that the release of growth hormone is at its highest. If a person is unwell then they will likely need more sleep than usual so that their body can fight off the illness and work on healing itself. 

Probiotics 101

This post is inspired by our longtime client Elinore Evans. Elinore and Lisa were chatting recently about the success they’ve had with incorporating a probiotics regimen into their self-care routines; we’d like to share the love with the rest of the Inspiral community!