Under Construction

Death and Renewal

Building a new web site has been rewarding for me.  I've spent hours pouring through 10 years of photographs, trying to select those most relevant to the ways in which our elegant studio has evolved. I hope you will stick with us as we continue to transform and create a new presence online.  

During this process, I also learned that my former colleague and someone I trained for many years to become a Pilates Teacher, died on Monday, October 20, 2014.  Mary Tramonte was only 33 years old when the complications of Breast Cancer took her life.  Creating this new site is also somehow connected to her passing.  I am filled with sorrow and grieve for her family, especially the 2-year-old baby Colton she leaves behind.  As she leaves us, we are all hoping that she has made it somewhere - to a better place perhaps.

I am no stranger to death and grieving.  With death comes a new life, a starting over for many people, as they learn how to negotiate the void left behind.  We are all dealing with "our voids" in some way.  

Sometimes movement helps us manage the pain of loss and change.  Moving invigorates the cells, helps regenerate new cells, and allows us to find joy in the only thing we control - ourselves.  Moving is healing.  Moving boost our mood, makes us more joyful.  This is our forte at Inspiral.  Healing, joyful movement.

Please stop in and see us soon.

In health and harmony,

Lisa Lansing