Shedding and Receiving

Yesterday, Jill cut off her hair to prepare for cancer treatment.  Below you can see her new hairstyle and the big clump of hair in her hand.  I know it's hard to see how much hair she is holding, but they said it was enough for 12 WIGS!  She had enough hair for 12 WIGS! That's amazing, impressive, remarkable.  As she sheds, she gives.

 12 wigs!

12 wigs!

Jill wanted to donate her hair before she began her treatment.  Sarah told me that because Jill's hair was so healthy it was the perfect hair for wigs.  The perfect hair.

I imagine that when Jill sees her reflection in the mirror or window, she will do a double-take.  "Who is that?" she'll ask.  "Oh, it's me with my new hair, as I prepare for and receive healing."  Or so I imagine.  Looking twice.  

Her new hair style is adorable, but really it's a symbol for the transformation, preparation and readiness.  She is ready for this journey. Ready to face cancer; ready to shed the disease and receiving healing. Ready.

Many friends and family came to celebrate the shedding ceremony.  Jill was filled with love and generosity as she usually is.  It's remarkable to me and worth noting that even as she faces a marathon of treatment and healing, she is still the most generous woman with a gracious and giving spirit so beyond the norm.  

 Here is Jill, bursting with appreciation and affection for all of us - making us feel special.

Here is Jill, bursting with appreciation and affection for all of us - making us feel special.

Jill was put on the planet to love others and join them together.  As she faces adversity, she continues to welcome all of us, hug us, make us feel special.  She has a way of making everyone around her feel loved, appreciated and special.  Special.  

Jill has a blog!  You can check it out and participate here:

You can go online, read, make posts.  If you wish to post directly to the blog and not through the comment section, you will have to first to and find Jillybaby and post from there.  

Please note, however, that while posting, should you click away and receive a notice "delete page" - DON'T DO IT!  It will delete the entire blog.  

Please send Jill a note in the mail!!  Wish her goodness; send her love. She'll be at Hillcrest for surgery Monday morning.  Surgery starts at 11.  Let's pray together on Monday all day.

6780 Mayfield Rd
Mayfield Heights, OH 44124

Lastly, please don't forget to sign up for a meal.  A few considerations when it comes to meal delivery.  First, sign up two days after the person before you.  They will have leftovers coming out of their ears.  Second, sign up a few weeks from now when everything is slowing down.  They will need continued support through March.  

Click here to Take Jill's Family a Meal

As always, I so appreciate that you took the time to read this information about Jill.  She is ready to receive our love and our gifts of healing.  Thank you for reading.

In love and light, with appreciation,

Lisa Lansing

PS - I just wanted to add one last note, not about Jill, but about her adorable daughter, Sarah.  I know that many of you will be coming into the studio and working with her during this time.  Please don't ask her to talk about her mom.  Imagine if every client she had wanted to talk about Jill.  Imagine that 25 hours a week, she was talking about Jill to satisfy the needs of others.  It's important that during this time, we allow Sarah the space to talk if she wants to - not if you need her to.  Please respect that.  Thank you.