Gratitude for keeping it real.

Thanksgiving is both joyful and overwhelming this year.  We are joyful because we are grateful.  We are overwhelmed because we recognize how fortunate we are.  Today as a country, we verbalize our gratitude for lives - our health, our families, our friends, our peaceful communities, our homes, our abundance of food and "stuff," our teachers, our schools, our yogis, our homes, our pets... the list continues.  We are so very lucky.  We are lucky to be alive.  Grateful.  We miss those who have left.  RIP Mary Tramonte.  You are missed and loved.  Missed.

 Smiling Jill at Hillcrest.

Smiling Jill at Hillcrest.

The Inspiral Community is so very grateful that Jill Shemory's ROUND 1 was a success!!  On Monday, Jill sat in the hospital and waited several hours for her turn under the knife.  The skillful doctors sculpted a new inside, and they had no surprises.  All the cancer was found, and all of it lasered away.  What a huge collective sigh of relief as we learned that surgery was a success!  Surgery did not last as long as suspected and she awoke playful, cracking jokes. "I'm ready to go for a run!" she quipped.  Grateful.

 Sarah's amazing yogini abilities and of course, the new 'do.  Focus and Strength. 

Sarah's amazing yogini abilities and of course, the new 'do.  Focus and Strength. 

While Jill waited for surgery, Sarah popped out and cut her hair off.  Shedding the old to create space for the new is one way Sarah is supporting her mom.  Like mother, like daughter.  I like this trend.  Trending.

Sarah wanted to surprise Jill -  show off the new 'do when Jill woke up from surgery, but the hospital was running a little late.  Please take a moment to marvel on Sarah's amazing abilities.  This is a gorgeous shot of Sarah taken only yesterday doing something incredibly difficult with ease and grace.  Her focus and strength exists on and off the mat. Inspiring.


Meanwhile, here's Jill explaining how "narrowing of the pelvis" (a GYROTONIC® principle) is helping her post surgery.  She is able to sit up in bed using this mind / body technique from the GYROTONIC® work. This is so wonderful and silly to me.  I just love her!  Narrowing.

Inspiral would like to start a collection to purchase Jill a VITAMIX™ for the holidays.  Would anyone be interested in donating some money to this fund?  If so, please use the Inspiral Paypal account to donate to our fund:

Jill and Sarah, I am inspired by your focus and strength.  Thank you both.  Thank you for showing us your love, strength, determination and silliness.  Thank you for keeping it real. 

With affection and appreciation,

~ Lisa Lansing


At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from someone else. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.
— Albert Schweitzer