Recently, my son's school held an assembly on the essence of "grit."  Work hard, nose to the grindstone, stick-to-it-tiveness.  Don't give up, stay focused, keep aiming for your goal.  It's difficult to teach "grit" to children these days - they grow up with so much given to them - how do they know how to work hard?

Grit.  That's the overall feeling at the studio right now.  Our motto this year is "Self-Care" and this includes a secondary motto, "If it doesn't bring you joy, let it go - choose joy!"  Self-care is a lifestyle change and commitment.  Choosing self-care does not always come easily and a little bit of grit is required.  

  • Choosing to eat well every day, or at least managing our divergent tendencies to moderation;
  • Choosing to meditate and eliminate internal clutter;
  • Choosing to exercise safely and consistently on a daily basis for greater health (check out this New York Times article on current exercise research);
  • Choosing body work - massage, epsom salts baths, body brushing, energy work, physical therapy (Deb Sternen is my recommendation);
  • Choosing to surround yourself by loving people and eliminating toxic relationships;
  • Finding laughter;
  • Drinking water.

Self-care is a lifestyle choice.  And it takes practice.  Don't give up. Grit.

In January, I went on a 4 week cleanse, and it set my year up for healthier choices.  Now, Sarah has embarked on her first cleanse, a program that inevitably purges candida from the system.  Trying to give up so many substances is difficult - coffee, sugar, fruit, alcohol, grains, starchy vegetables.  Several of us at the studio decided to support Sarah by doing it with her.  Time for some real grit!  Chocolate cravings are diminishing!  It's a six week experience - some of it unpleasant, but much of it gratifying!  Sarah and her grit is inspiring all of us!

Grit gets a little easier as time goes by. 

Like daughter, like mother.  With only two more rounds of chemotherapy left, Jill Shemory, (Sarah's mom, Yogini and GYROTONIC® gal), is a well-seasoned grit practitioner.  Her cancer treatment has not been easy and there are times when she feels rotten, but overall, Jill is doing well!  She's almost there!  The last time I saw Jill, she looked beautiful!  Her skin color was rich and healthy looking, and her energy the same.  Her sweet little fuzzy, bald head was adorable, and she donned a cute cap.

But talk about Grit.  Jill remains focused;  she's working hard on fighting this disease.  Her light heart and great sense of humor help!  Her amazing husband and children, her incredible network of friends and family, are standing beside her and fighting with her.  I really can't get over how much energy she had and how special she made me feel when I dropped off food for the family.  She exudes gratitude. 

When she's in between the rounds of chemo, life is a little better for Jill.  She feels better.  There have been times during her treatment when she felt well enough to go to yoga.  Not so much right now, but here is a picture of Jill doing yoga this past winter.  How adorable is she? 

Jill had no choice but to choose self-care this year.  The rest of us have the choice. 

Way to go, Jill.  Way to fight.  Grit, baby, grit.  Now, where can I get a cute head scarf like the one Jill wears to yoga? 

Self-Care 2015 - Grit.  Choose joy.

Many of you are interested in continuing to help the Shemory family.  Here are some important details:

To send Jill a love note:
Jill Shemory
4268 Wilburn Drive
South Euclid, OH  44121

Jill's blog:

To send Jill and the family a meal click here to be redirected to another site.

We have started a fund to purchase Jill a Vitamix (a local Ohio company!) to help her during Chemo.  If you would like to contribute, please submit your donation to our Inspiral PayPal account.   

Choose joy!