Becoming a GYROTONIC® Instructor: Why and How

Inspiral Motion is excited to host GYROTONIC® teacher training this fall! Join us in our passion for the gift of breath, mobility, and rejuvenation. GYROTONIC®instructors help others improve their health and mobility by teaching specific, purposeful movements using the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®.

Benefits of being a GYROTONIC® instructor include a healthy work-life balance, flexible schedule, and relaxed workplace. Inspiral Motion’s GYROTONIC® instructors have fully booked schedules and we seek to dramatically increase our teaching staff! 

Benefits of GYROTONIC® Exercises:

· Improves flexibility and relieves tension and opens the body in new ways.
· Increases balance, stability, and coordination.
· Increases core strength and power.
· Relieves join aches and pains while preventing injuries.
· Slows the aging process and keeps the body feeling young and spry.
· Improves mental centering, focus, outlook and attitude.
· Increases stamina, energy, vitality. 
· Improves breathing capacity and releases stress

GYROTONIC® Instructor Fast Facts:

·  There are about 13,500 GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® trainers in the world and a little over 4,400 studios.
·  It is represented in 79 countries
·  40% of GYROTONIC® studios are in US/Canada, 32% are in Europe, 15% are in Asia, and the rest are scattered throughout Central/South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia.
·  53% of GYROTONIC® instructors come from a dance background.
·  50% of GYROTONIC® instructors teach Pilates
·  20% of GYROTONIC® instructors teach yoga.
·  14% of GYROTONIC® instructors are Physical Therapists.
·  14% of GYROTONIC® instructors are Massage Therapists. 
·  85% of trainers are female and 15% are male.
·  There are about 179 Master Trainers in the world, including Inspiral Motion’s, Lisa Lansing.

Inspiral Motion asked a few of its favorite instructors about the training process and career path, and here is what they had to say:

What drew you to GYROTONIC® training? How did you hear about it?
Lisa Lansing: My Pilates teacher in Scotland used to talk about the “happy hippies on the beach doing Gyro.” I was a happy hippie and I loved the beach so I was curious to learn more. It’s popular with dancers and Pilates teachers, so I figured I’d like it.

Sarah Shemory: I heard about Gyro while working at the desk at Inspiral Motion. After seeing how much it benefited our clients, I knew I’d love to help people too.  

Emily Hudson: While I was going through my Pilates certification, they had one pulley tower in the corner of the studio. I always asked about it because the exercises were so beautiful and intriguing, but my teachers would say, “Don’t worry about that right now! You’re here for Pilates!” When I moved to Cleveland after college, my fiancé discovered Inspiral Motion and suggested I apply there to teach Pilates and I did! Lisa hired me back in 2007 and that’s when I got my first real introduction to the GYROTONIC® method.

Megan Anne Jones: I didn't know what the GYROTONIC® method was when I first heard about it. I was heading into my sophomore year of college and got into a bad car accident that totaled my car. I was a dance major so it also set me back an entire semester due to recovery. SUNY Brockport had a program that required dancers to participate in an Injury Prevention Program. After realizing that my feet weren't good enough for a professional level I went back to look at a few books from my injury prevention class... and there it was.... Sebastian Plettenberg on a GYROTONIC® pulley tower!


Does part of your background or personal history inform or relate to your training in the GYROTONIC® method? If so, how?
Lisa: The system was developed by a dancer and was originally machine-free. It was called “yoga for dancers,” and, as a former dancer, I knew I’d love it.

Sarah: I was always an athlete and loved working out, but I didn’t have any professional experience or background that led me to the GYROTONIC® method. I was working at Inspiral and was so inspired to try it!!  When I did, I loved it and decided to train.

Emily: I was always very athletic growing up. Basketball, swimming, dance, soccer, tennis, you name it! In my teens I shifted gears and started to focus more on my singing, putting almost all my energy into music all through high school and college. When I found Pilates in college, it was wonderful to find something that really spoke to the athletic part of me after so many years. When I found GYROTONIC® exercise not too long after Pilates, it really clicked for me. I finally found something that brought my musical side and my athletic side together in a really beautiful but still challenging way. I was totally hooked!

Megan Anne Jones: Yes, I was a dancer so the movement is freeing and joyful. Since I struggled with strength in my flexibility it helps me to understand the way the body should move. Lisa Lansing taught me all about intention. If I focus on intention while I work, I have amazing achievements. I am also a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist. Because of my accident I not only have a degree in Dance but also Exercise Physiology. The anatomy and the biomechanics of movement that I have learned have helped me to teach more clearly.


How does being an instructor benefit you and impact your daily life?
Lisa: It keeps my body supple, lithe, and feeling spry. I feel very young – people are always so surprised when they find out how old I am! It keeps me in shape and able to do yoga and Pilates without having to practice them often. I love moving and I love that I get to keep moving all day!

Sarah: I love helping people achieve their goals and feel good in their bodies. A flexible schedule is great too.

Emily: My life is very full with 2 little boys and a husband that works night shift, no day is ever the same as the last. In addition to all these crazy schedules, I have also added horseback riding into the mix for myself. I truly believe that the GYROTONIC® method has allowed me to keep up with this beautiful life I have! I seriously don’t know how other moms do this without Gyro. Gyro keeps me calm, in shape, and ready for the next ride. My life would not look the way it does without it!

Meghan Anne: It's a lifestyle. I know that sounds cliché but it's true. If I go to my studio and move I'm in this happy place and feel fulfilled. My fiancé will even agree. He can tell when I have taken the time for myself to move. He can also tell when I have made a breakthrough with a student or client that may have been struggling. I love what I do and I do what I love as often as I can.


What’s the most challenging part of GYROTONIC® training?
Lisa: For me, it was remembering how to set up the equipment. By the time I certified, I had it mastered.

Sarah: It’s a lot of material! It’s not only physically exhausting, but mentally as well. You just have to remember that it’s a practice!

Emily: It is so much information at once. You’ll feel overwhelmed at times and wonder if you will ever “get it.” You will! It just takes practice and patience.

Meghan Anne: The training can be intense but I love how I feel so it really overrides any struggle I may have.


What’s the most fun part?
Lisa: The most fun was learning from my master trainer and getting to know the other teachers. 

Sarah: Learning new work!

Emily: The people!  Gyro people are just fun.  Some of my most favorite people in the world I met through GYROTONIC® training.  

Meghan Anne: Traveling, meeting new people and being forced to take time out for myself… this list goes on. I am so lucky to be in such an amazing network in Cleveland. Every training gives me a reason to make time for amazing people I am blessed to now call friends.


The most surprising part?
Lisa: How amazing my body felt during training and the complete physical transformation. 

Sarah: Realizing you can benefit someone else’s life.

Emily: You will deepen your mind-body connection so much.  Being a fairly athletic person and already having a Pilates certification under my belt, I felt pretty confident that training would be a cake walk – ha! GYROTONIC® exercise moves the body on such a deep level that it brings up a lot of stuff.  It has happened multiple times that I was literally moved to tears during an exercise.  I have seen it happen with clients as well.  Be prepared to not only be challenged physically, but spiritually and emotionally as well. 

Meghan Anne: I am still surprised at how much my body continues to move! I am always awestruck at how much stronger I have become and wonder how much more I can achieve. It seems almost limitless!


If you could use just one sentence to explain why being a GYROTONIC® instructor is the best job in the world, what would it be?
Lisa: GYROTONIC® exercise – whether teaching or doing - will change your life. 

Sarah: It’s the best career in the world! You get to work with incredible people helping them live a better, happier and healthier life.

Emily: Being a GYROTONIC® teacher has not only given me freedom in my body and the ability to give that to others, but it has also allowed me the freedom to live the life I have always wanted for myself.  

Meghan Anne: GYROTONIC® teaching allows me to better myself in a supportive community of colleagues that become friends, all while being able to play all day and leave knowing I helped someone each day


Interested in becoming a GYROTONIC® instructor? CLICK HERE for steps to becoming a GYROTONIC® Instructor and inspiral motion's gyrotonic® teacher training program!