Pilates: What it is, in the tiniest of nutshells


Pilates is a functional movement practice that trains the body into optimal patterns of alignment and muscular activation. It accomplishes this by bringing structural balance to the body through exercises that promote stability, mobility, and decompression within the appropriate ranges of motion.

In the plainest terms, Pilates seeks to teach the body to support itself safely and efficiently in everyday movement. The body expresses itself through motion, and is highly influenced by and receptive to forces that facilitate change. Change can be beneficial, but it can also be degenerative. When the body habituates itself into unhealthy movement patterns, the likelihood of pain, injury, and diminished functionality are heightened. Pilates attempts to mitigate this risk by strengthening the body through biomechanically sound movement principles.

What can a certification in Pilates instruction do for you?

The possibilities are more than you ever expected, we promise. A career in Pilates can give you physical, mental, social, and financial gains. It can also take you places (teach abroad, anyone?) you never imagined you’d go. Train with us, we’ll illuminate.

Interested in becoming an Instructor? Here's why Inspiral Motion’s program is where it’s at:

When it comes to Pilates Teacher Training programs you’ve got options, so why Inspiral Motion? We’ve got reasons for days and days and days. Here are a few.

Train with us because (get ready for that REAL hype)...

  • Do you want to teach simple repertoire, i.e. choreography, or do you want to teach people how to access deep connections in their bodies for those long term sustainable gains? The latter, yeah? Teach clients how to engage muscles they haven’t used or felt in years, and how to disengage muscles they’ve been using to compensate with. We’ve got tricks up our sleeve, and we’ll teach you how to develop your own bag.
  • We love all bodies! Give us your floppy, fragile, uncoordinated, clumsy, hyper flexible, stiff as a board, wicked strong, etc. As an instructor, bodies will come at you with a wide variety of needs. Learn how to engage each individual accordingly in a challenging, safe, and progressive way.

  • Steez, style...what’s your flow? We believe each instructor should have their own distinct teaching and interpersonal style. Throughout the training program we’ll be encouraging you to develop your own unique instructor persona. Sticking to a rigid script isn’t for us. Be you, be true, teach people how to move.

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Pilates Teacher Training: I don’t want to teach. Is teacher training still for me?

Have you been touched by the magic that is Pilates? Has it triggered a curiosity that leaves you thirsty for more? If so, Pilates Teacher Training could be just the thing to scratch that very deep, very real itch. No worries if you currently have no intent to teach!

Here are just a few reasons to plug your nose and take the plunge…

  • Train yourself whenever, wherever. This saves you time and money. Two birds, one stone.
  • Get on that side hustle. Make good money. Choose your own hours. Enough said.

  • Deepen your personal practice. Learn how to find stronger connections in your body so you can get more out of every session. Feel better and get hotter faster.

  • If you’re considering this at all, your brain is clearly hungry for more information. So feed it.

  • Gain the arsenal you need to informatively nitpick the posture of your friends and family.

  • Consider this a part of your long term health care plan. Pilates is life. And should be practiced right up to the end of it. Understand the principles that will help keep you spry and agile well into your golden years.

  • Join the movement community. Meet kindred spirits that you vibe with at Pilates-centric events and conferences. It’s mad fun and informative.

Interested in joining Inspiral Motion's teacher training?

Join our informational workshop!

Sunday August 12, 2018
12:30-2:30pm | $25 per person

This informational workshop is intended to:
Provide a clear outline of the 580+ hour training program
Provide a background on Pilates and it's importance in your life
Answer your questions
Preview the teacher training through a Pilates circuit class
Provide in depth information on tuition and available, customizable payment plans

CONTACT INSPIRAL MOTION AT INFO@INSPIRALMOTION.COM if you are interested in learning more about pilates teacher training!