Sarah has a light and energy that attracts people. I love working with her! That coupled with her teaching excellence makes her a dynamic instructor!
— Student, Shannon P

karen mcdonald

Karen McDonald is a certified CORE DYNAMICS® Pilates Instructor and a Certified GYROTONIC® teacher.  She has been teaching Pilates at Inspiral Motion since its opening in 2007. During that time, she had the unique opportunity and good fortune to be able to observe Lisa Lansing teach GYROTONIC® classes, witness clients' enthusiastic responses to the method and take lessons herself. A life-long athlete and mover, Karen believes that mindful movement is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle and finding balance in her daily life. After trying GYROTONIC® system, she was captivated by her experience-- it felt like the beginning of a journey, one in which she was discovering a new way of moving that left her feeling open, refreshed and acutely aware of the present moment. 

Karen approaches each client as an individual, enjoying the fact that each has varying needs on different days. She seeks to be observant, thoughtful and creative in her work, and is excited about the ways in which Pilates and GYROTONIC® classes complement each other. She feels her training in GYROTONIC® system has enabled her to view all of her clients through a new, more dynamic lens.

Karen teaches private and shared Pilates and GYROTONIC® lessons and has worked with pre- and post-natal women. She is the mother of three young children, and when not busy playing in the snow, puddles or sun with them, might be found running, playing soccer with the Cleveland Heights Moms' League or reading.

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