Miriam is an exceptional teacher! I love the ways in which she always keeps us moving!
— Student Linda M

Miriam Salamon

Miriam has always had a passion for various forms of movement and physical exercise, In high school, she ran track and competed on the swim team and devoted almost all her other free time to practicing as a competitive baton twirler.

Since Miriam chose not to continue competing in any sports or activities in college, she filled that void by teaching aerobics and taking yoga, belly dancing, and Pilates classes. She also developed a strong understanding of weight training and it's benefits.

After college, Miriam began taking Pilates with Lisa Lansing and fell in love with it immediately. While she already earned her certification in personal training and aerobics instruction, she felt that Pilates was the missing piece in her fitness regimen and really wanted to certify to teach it to others.

While this aspiration had to be put on hold when Miriam became pregnant with her first child, she still continued to work with Lisa when she could and started to learn more about the GYROTONIC® exercise methodology after Lisa opened Inspiral Motion. Miriam loved every class and was very excited to finally have the opportunity to work towards a certification in 2010.

She earned her final certification in 2011 and loves teaching at the studio. She feels that the GYROTONIC® System is the perfect way for her to help her clients protect and strengthen their bodies in a perfectly balanced way. Miriam loves watching clients' old injuries or imbalances begin to heal and enjoys seeing a smile on everyone's face at the end of class.

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