The Art of Exercising and Beyond!™

There is nothing better than a GYROKINESIS® class. They can be restorative or challenging, they awaken the entire biological system of a human, and those who practice GYROKINESIS® find it to be the best exercise they've ever experienced.

We begin sitting on a stool, gathering our energies and finding focus. In a beginner class, we awaken our senses with a specific and deliberate body massage or dry scrubbing with scrubbing mitts. After a movement series to slowly and gently open the spine, we stimulate the energetic centers of the body and open them for energy transfer through spinal motions.

Next, spinal motions stimulate the entire biological (and nervous) system, and do wonders for the spine, joints, muscles and bones. 

From there we move to a special GYROKINESIS® mat for strengthening, building endurance and continued opening. 

The optional standing series, for integration, energetic connection, balance and symmetry, is performed in classes over 60 minutes. 

We finish with a variety of breathing patterns which cleanse the system biologically and energetically.




Because body scrubbing is wonderful for the body, we have added it to most of our classes. GYROKINESIS® classes are detoxifying in several ways - first by activating the lymph system with body scrubbing (dry brushing) and second by using the breath as an avenue for toxins to leave the body (using an expelling breath and other breaths which emphasize the release of toxins).  

 Body Scrubbing Mit

Body Scrubbing Mit

The intermediate classes also involve opening the energy centers of the body. We learn how to direct energy through both the energy centers and limbs and how this deliberate direction of energy helps stimulate our biological system, release toxins, build strength and stamina, and create peace within. 

To read more about Dry Scrubbing, go to our blog page or [click here].

Friday 9 - 10:30 AM
with Lisa Lansing, Master Trainer
$20 drop in