Experience delicious and sometimes hard classes with precise instruction!  Our classes provide mind-body focus, a positive outlook, more confidence and a changed physique!  Experience stress lifting away! Your passion and excitement will build as you get stronger!

Live your strongest and best life!  Enjoy a new, overwhelming sense of calm.


Pilates has therapeutic applications for people recovering from life's ailments - shoulder injuries, hip replacements, strokes, breast cancer, surgeries, pregnancy, menopause, aging, chronic pain, neck and shoulder tension, or those who simply want a good workout.

The system is also applicable to athletes, dancers, yogis, golfers, tennis players, and ANY athlete who wants to take their game or practice to the next level.


Private Appointments

Private appointments are the best way to steal some "me time" and nurture yourself.  Make the fastest body change with Private Appointments.

55-MINUTE Private appointments range in price from $65 - $120 per hour.  Prices are based on your instructor’s level of education. Check our Team and Rates page for specifics.

If you have a friend or two and would like to do duets or trios, we can do that, as well!

Side by Side Appointments

Work out with your instructor!  Side by side appointments are for students who either learn better when they see their instructor do the movement OR for students looking to transition from Private Appointments into Independent Appointments (working out alone).  

Side by side appointments are usually between $45 and $65 per 55 minutes.

Independent Sessions

Work out on your own!  Independent sessions allow  you come into the studio and rent a machine for 55 or 85 minutes.  Follow a personalized workout using a card and practice everything you are learning in your private appointments and group classes!

Independents are $25 per session.

Pilates Mat Classes

Pilates Mat Classes are restricted to 8 students.  Enjoy developing core strength and power integration using the mat, props and your own body.

Classes are $15 per class and 55 minutes long.
$70 for 5 classes (8-week expiration)

Shared Offerings

We offer group sessions at different levels: Pilates 101, 201, and 301 classes, as well as specialized classes for dancers, athletes, men, core and scoliosis. Machine-free Mat classes are available on Wednesdays at 4:15pm and Saturdays at 11:00am.  

Pilates Shared Classes are $40 or $190 for a package of 5
Pilates Mat Classes are $15