Private Appointments

During a private appointment, students work one on one with a certified GYROTONIC®, Pilates or Yoga instructor.  

1-hour appointments - expect 55-minutes

90-minute appointments - expect 85-minutes

During private appointments, students learn the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® or Pilates or Yoga in a way tailored specifically to their issues and bodies.   GYROTONIC® Students use beautifully crafted machines which provide both resistance and support by utilizing a pulley / weight system designed for the human body. Pilates students use brand new Pilates equipment from Peak Pilates.

Before long, students discover a new power within and new openings everywhere.

Many different pieces of equipment may be used to help students gain strength or find flexibility.  GYROTONIC® Cleveland is a fully equipped studio and may use any of the listed equipment during a private appointment.

GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower
GYROTONIC® Cobra and Cobra Elite™
GYROTONIC® Jumping Stretching Board
GYROTONIC® Ladder or Archway
GYROTONIC® Leg Extension Unit

The best way to learn the GYROTONIC® system is in a private lesson with a qualified teacher.

Pilates students can expect to use the Pilates Chair, the Pilates Refomer, the Pilates Cadillac as well as a plethora of props and smaller peripheral pieces of equipment.  The best way to learn Pilates is in a private lesson with a Certified Instructor.

Private appointments require a 24-hour cancellation notice.  More than one private appointment may be going on in the studio at a given time.  All the photos above highlight real students working in a private setting.

As an older woman with aches, pains and various physical issues, I am forever grateful to have found Lisa Lansing. After over 4 years of working with her, I continue to be astounded and impressed by her vast knowledge, and knack for knowing just what will work for me. My back pain has lessened considerably, and I have been able to maintain, and even improve my strength and range of motion, in spite of arthritis pain and stiffness. It is always a pleasure to work, and laugh, with Lisa, and to feel so good during the workout, and more importantly, afterward as well.
— Barb S