Sara lives and breathes all forms of art; whether it be creative writing, composing music, or dabbling in film photography, she’s got her hand in it. At Inspiral Motion, Sara has found a way to integrate her love of the arts into the work she does in the studio.

 She was introduced to Inspiral Motion by a friend and former worker in early 2015. Since her start at Inspiral, Sara has shifted from Studio Manager, to Social Media and Video Production coordinator—both of which she has found great fulfillment and enjoyment from. Sara loves the peaceful and accepting environment and Inspiral, and loves coming here to escape the hectic academic life.  Even though she’s worked here for just under a year, Sara feels she has found a family here at Inspiral.

 When she isn’t working on the film projects for the studio, she’s most likely struggling to get published or dreaming of trips to Morocco.