Sarah has a light and energy that attracts people. I love working with her! That coupled with her teaching excellence makes her a dynamic instructor!
— Student, Shannon P

Sarah Shemory

As a mover all of her life (a figure skater and soccer player), GYROTONIC® training seemed like a perfect fit at the perfect time. Sarah immediately fell in love with the work, especially the way it has improved her flexibility and body awareness. Sarah is a GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainer and a GYROKINESIS® Instructor. She is also a talented and certified Yoga instructor.

Sarah brings a fun, youthful energy to her clients and the studio. Sarah not only managed Inspiral Motion for several years, she is also a talented teacher.  After two and half years teaching GYROTONIC® in Chicago, Sarah has returned to Inspiral!  

Sarah is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Cleveland native. She loves spending time with her family and friends, exploring Cleveland, reading cooking magazines and painting her nails.

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