Saria Bartholomew

After spending years searching for a safe, sustainable, challenging, fun, and rewarding mode of movement, Saria happily stumbled upon Pilates in 2014. And it is all that she had hoped for and more! After completing her training in Chicago, she believes that everyone needs Pilates (whether they know it or not). She is here to spread the truth!

While Saria is known for being a very challenging instructor, she also specializes in working with injured students. In the past, she has been extremely successful in improving her student's mobility and strength and she is eager to share her talents with the Inspiral community. 

Like all of Inspiral's Pilates instructors, she is able to recognize her student's abilities and works with them to achieve their goals. Check out Saria's private and class schedule. Be prepared to have an incredibly unique Pilates experience. 

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