Dry Scrubbing 

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Dry scrubbing is akin to dry brushing.  One of the significant differences is that the scrubbing mitt allows one to also massage the body during the brushing process, which is profoundly more gratifying. This stimulates trouble areas more thoroughly than dry brushing because it's deeper, and the result is greater detoxification in these stagnant areas.  This is particularly good for scarred areas/surgical incision sites as well as muscle issues and trigger points.

This sisal mitt pictured here is an example of the mitts used for scrubbing. It's best to use a scrubbing mitt made out of natural fibers, not synthetic.  Hemp mitts are also very popular and easy to knit.

Aside from the obvious skin exfoliation benefits (sloughing off dead cells, pores remain open), the added massage effort of scrubbing penetrates the skin on deeper levels, as well as the muscles. Dry scrubbing exfoliates dead skin, unclogs pores and helps reduce cellulite (which is toxic mass trapped in your body's fat cells).

Equally important is its stimulation of lymphatic drainage, which eliminates toxins and pathogens in the body. The cleansing and detoxifying benefits of lymphatic drainage “improves circulation, stimulates hormone function, rejuvenates the nervous system, enhances immune function and contributes to better muscle tone. It is effective for boosting energy levels and relieving sore muscles.” From Cures by Avance Spas. 

Dry scrubbing and brushing activates the lymphatic system and the lymphatic capillaries. When the lymphatic system is activated it's like having tiny little street sweepers inside the capillaries that "sweep" the waste, dead cells, cancer cells, pathogens, toxins and debris along the lymph highway toward the neck. Along the way, lymph passes through lymph nodes where filtering takes place.  The nodes filter the lymph, remove pathogens, trap cancer cells and kill disease-causing organisms.  Filtered lymph travels up the body to the neck and drops into the venous blood stream through the subclavien veins.

It's often recommended that you dry brush and scrub by starting at the feet and making your way up the body.  That's because the lymph travels up the body and encouraging this flow is considered important when scrubbing.  

It is known that poor lymphatic drainage is linked to depression, arthritis, and hypertension, among other ailments. When you encounter “special areas” in your body such as surgery sites, muscle/joint pain, etc, spend some extra time scrubbing those areas and take care to scrub all around those areas too, encouraging drainage.

  Sisal Mitts are $7 at Inspiral.

Sisal Mitts are $7 at Inspiral.

But please be careful. Vigorous scrubbing can rub off the skin, which is not the point of scrubbing! Furthermore, avoid the sun after scrubbing and make sure to avoid lotions with synthetic ingredients as they will be absorbed quickly and easily into the system. Organic substances are always the best for your skin and your biological system.

Dry scrubbing is a part of the GYROKINESIS® method.  Join me for class at 9:00 AM Fridays! 


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