What is YOGA?

Yoga is a 5000+ year old philosophy or way of life which includes the union of physical and spiritual activities for overall health, wellness, and peace. “Yoga” means “to yoke”, and “Hatha”, the grandfather of all physical Yoga, means “sun and moon”. Hatha Yoga literally refers to joining two opposites to achieve a state of balance – masculine and feminine, strength and flexibility, challenge and relaxation, physical and spiritual aspects. 

There are many kinds of yoga in Cleveland today, from fusion yoga to spiritual practice. Here at Inspiral Motion, we do Vinyasa yoga where postures are linked together with flowing verbal cues, breathing is always incorporated, and teachers provide assistance when necessary. Be prepared to be mindful.


Our teachers will have you contemplating aspects of existence while moving from pose to pose or while breathing deeper into one pose. Our instructors provide fabulous hands on technique with guided imagery and meditation. Because we only offer small classes (15 and under), one of our specialties is our hands on correcting and placement of each student.