Thai YOGA Massage

Thai massage is a delicious blend of gentle stretching, rhythmic rocking, and acupressure. What makes Thai massage so unique and effective is its combined physical effort. Some people actually refer to Thai massage as "lazy (wo)man's yoga." The meditative qualities induced by the gentle rocking and massage encourage deep relaxation which allows the practitioner to move the client into deeper postures and stretches. Some benefits of Thai yoga massage include: stretching of the muscles, improved circulation, reduced tension, enhanced immune system, and balanced energy throughout the body. The client feels mentally and physically more at ease, as though they have just completed a yoga class without having done any of the work! Total relaxation is guaranteed! 




Teacher Annie's personal favorite and a truly unique treat! She will lead you on a journey that seamlessly flows back and forth between Vinyasa yoga and Thai massage. This session is completely catered to your specific needs. This is the best of both worlds! 

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