About Us

We are a boutique movement arts studio, focusing in healthy movement and  client education, located on the border between Shaker and University Heights, on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio.  Imagine having a body that is lithe and feels like it's not aging quickly.  Imagine feeling a spring in your step and extra energy during your day.  Imagine unwinding your body after sustained hours of the same thing (from sitting at a desk, driving in your car, playing an instrument, - you name it).  Imagine a friendly studio where you fit in with other creative, intelligent people looking to find health, harmony and relief from stress.  Imagine Inspiral.

Experience a personalized balance and strength training program utilizing Pilates and GYROTONIC® techniques with some of the most unique and qualified Certified Instructors and Educators in Cleveland.  

From the skills to the setting, we strive to bring an extra dose of flair, elegance, and expertise to each client we teach.   From an intimate private lesson to a group class of 5, your sessions will be unique to you and your specific physical needs and always inspiring. 

We specialize in helping our clients meet their movement goals of mobility, balance and strength in private, semi-private and very small group classes.

With a small student-to-teacher ratio, students receive the highest quality instruction possible with personal attention.

Join us in our zen studio for an hour or so of bliss.

Our goal in every session is to provide our clients with an opportunity to achieve their physical goals in a safe, inspirational atmosphere. 

From aesthetic physical changes to injury recovery, from greater core strength to more mobility, from lifted spirits to feeling more energetic, finding space for mindfulness under excellent instruction is the way to achieve your goals.

Mind body centering is our specialty in all systems.  Our quiet studio is a beautiful, zen garden - the perfect private atmosphere for you to evolve.

Peace. Unity. Healing. Strength. Centering. Joy. Clarity. Inspiration. Freedom. Openness. Arch. Curl. Spiral.

I CRAVE my Gyrotonic® sessions. I began almost 9 years ago and my entire body has changed. I am stronger, I have greater mobility, and I feel re-energized after each session. I can’t imagine finding a more complete workout and ‘opening of the body’ exercise than Gyrotonic®.
— Cathy H.