Felise Bagley

Dancer, stargazer.

Felise Bagley, a native New Yorker and 2015 Cleveland Arts Prize Mid Career Award recipient comes to Inspiral Motion with a professional dance career that has spanned three decades. Felise has performed all over the United States and parts of Europe and has had the privilege of working with exceptional choreographers and dance artists from all over the world.

Felise has extensive teaching experience that includes a wide range of disciplines in dance as well as being a certified Pilates Mat instructor.

Write to Felise at felise@inspiralmotion.com

felise’s rates:

GYROTONIC® Resident Instructor:

  • $65 Intro Lesson

  • $195 Intro 3 Privates

  • $80 Private, 55 min.

  • $375 for 5 Privates

  • $55 Duet (each)